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Welcome to P6F!



P6F’s motto for this year is:

‘We’ll enjoy this moment!’

May 2017

Bike Ability

Today we embarked on our Bike Ability Challenge.

Here we are all ready for cycling.



RHET: Bringing the countryside to the classroom.

Tuesday, 15th November we had an amazing visit to the Livestock Auction house in Stirling. We took part in various different activities all about food and farming.

 ‘I enjoyed going into the cattle trailer and pretending we were sheep.’ Ewan

‘I most memorable part was tasting the cakes and smoothies.  Some of the cakes sounded really strange but were really tasty. Like sweet potato chocolate cake.’ Katie

‘My favourite part was grinding the wheat into flour.’ Imogine

‘My most memorable part was being part of the live auction in which we successfully bid for a turkey.’ Caitlyn

‘I felt very special to be involved in tasting lots of different food that have been grown by farmers. ‘ Scarlett

‘I enjoyed learning about dairy farmers and their morning routines.’ Grace

‘I don’t have a memorable moment I loved it all. ‘Eilidh

‘My memorable moment was learning about the tractor old and new.’ Lewis S

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Today we finished our Winter banner to decorate the hall over the festive season.

Winter brings a ‘Warm Fuzzy’ feeling to primary 6F.  We used oil pastels to  create contrasting patterns.  We drew giant mugs of steaming hot chocolate and to top it off we enjoyed a hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows. Yum, yum, yum!


Wednesday 9th November 2016

‘The Scottish SPCA came to visit our class today to share information with us about how they help animals.’ Shanice

‘I learned that there is an animal called the Great Grey Owl and it is approximately 70cm tall.’ Ewan

‘Today I learned that the Scottish SPCA   has been established for 177 years.’ Eilidh

‘I learned that the SSPCA helps every type of animal.’ Scarlett

‘In an emergency you would call 03000 999 999, The Scottish SPCA only operate in Scotland.’ Kate


Susan, the SPCA officer ,was fabulous and played lots of  games with us.

Term 1 was extremely busy! Phew!

We will very soon have regular updates on our page produced by our very own, ‘in house’ journalists.

Our ‘Blah, Blah’ group will write regular updates and post them here.



 Bannockburn House Experience

img_1810 Back in August 2016 we were very lucky to have been invited to Bannockburn House before its doors were closed to the public forever!

We were all very grateful for the experience.  We took inspiration from some of the fabrics and patterns found in the house  and created our own repeating patterns.  Interior designers of the future I think!  Have a look at some of our designs.img_1813img_1816