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Homework November 2017

P5 Sample home learning Term 2

P5H we are taught by Mr Harvey. On Wednesday after 11.45, P5H are taught by Mrs Dandie.

Currently in P5H we have been learning in maths about telling the time and now early November we are busy learning about angles.


In August we chose to study the Romans. Below are some of our images we created of the Romans.

We have been very busy writing in P5H

Below are PowerPoint’s with samples of work from September 2017.

Writing September 2017

Writing September 2017 2








We have completed the Bleep Test to Level 10.

Dylan said,” I thought it was great fun. I was very tired. “

Jodie indicated, “ It was very tiring.”

Chloe answered, “ I think it was really tiring at it is good to keep your heart healthy.”

In October we started music. Below is a PowerPoint about our music.

Music 25 10 17

In November we are learning about Science and Experiments.

Our first experiment was about air resistance. We had fun making parachutes. Our next experiment is about making simple chemical reactions. Samples of photos, our writing and Power Points will appear below.

Please note this part of our site is not yet fully developed.

                                         Decimal numbers

We had fun making posters about decimals and rounding and decimal addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Samples of posters about decimals are below.


In November we shared our learning with P1W. We had great fun!

Anna said,” I really liked it because the P1 learners were trying to read our work.  And it was good because it gave us a chance to share our learning with another class.”

Tom replied,” I enjoyed it because my partner was funny.  I liked it because I got to share my learning.”



In late November P5D and Mrs Dandie shared their RME quizzes with P5H.

Summer indicated,” P5D came up with some really good questions. When they were speaking they used clear voices. “