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Primary 5H

P5H we are taught by Mr Harvey. On Wednesday after 11.45, P5H are taught by Mrs Dandie.

Currently in P5H we have been learning in maths about telling the time and now in mid September we are busy learning about multiplication of two to four numbers. Mr Harvey is happy because we almost all can tell the time using digital and analogue clocks. Many of us can now read timetables.

We have chosen to study the Romans. Below are some of our images we created of the Romans.

We have been very busy writing in P5H

Below are PowerPoint’s with samples of work from September 2017.

Writing September 2017

Writing September 2017 2











We have completed the Bleep Test to Level 10.

Dylan said,” I thought it was great fun. I was very tired. “

Jodie indicated, “ It was very tiring.”

Chloe answered, “ I think it was really tiring at it is good to keep your heart healthy.”