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P5H 2017-2018

P5H are a very busy group of learners. We are proud of our School and proud of the progress we are making.

Welcome to our new page.

P5H started swimming on Monday 29th January 2018. Below you will find samples of created images.

Swimming Art 20 3 18

The Story of William Wallace and Bannockburn’s

Place in their stories


By exploring places, investigating artefacts and locating them in time, I have developed an awareness of the ways we remember and preserve Scotland’s history. SOC 2-02a

I can use evidence to recreate the story of a place or individual of local historical interest.

Learners explore a poem and song in class. We are exploring

The Sair Finger

The Sair Finger

and Flower of Scotland.

We have been busy creating writing and images of William Wallace.

William Wallace

One day there was a boy called William Wallace he was out fishing and he got some when he started to walk away he heard a man. shouted stop there it was a English soldier`s wanted all his fish but Wallace said you can have some. Then the soldier grabbed the fish. He drew his sword.

In Lanark there were stalls there was a little boy and he made a tail with his finger then a soldier grabbed him. William Wallace drew his sword and he knocked him back the boy ran away fast as could. Wallace ran away into a woman’s house out the back door and into the forest. The woman was killed. One night Wallace went to the sheriff’s house and killed him.

English solders went to the Stirling Bridge. They went onto the bridge and then the bridge fell. English solders died. They still had five thousand soldiers they went back to England. The Scots won the battle. Andrew Murray was badly wounded soon afterwards he died. Wallace was Guardian alone.

Aiden 11 1 18

William Wallace

William Wallace, was by the river fishing. English soldiers confronted him an asked him for his fish. Wallace said you can have some fish but the soldiers wanted them all so Wallace drew his sword and they ran for their lifes.

Wallace was at the market one wiggled there finger behind there back this annoyed the English. They got angry and grabbed the boy. Wallace protested but that only made it worse so Wallace ran into a lady’s house then ran out her back door.

Because the lady helped Wallace she was hung so to revenge her they went to Sheriff Hazelrigg’s house and killed him.

A while later they declared war but Wallace didn’t have a band of friends he had an army.

The scots won after some terrible decisions made by Englishman Surrey.

Two years later Edward wanted to deal with the Scotts himself so they declared war at Falkirk Wallace didn’t want to fight so the scots burned the country side hopping that the English would starve.

Wallace’s plan almost worked also Edward gave his army wine. They fought and some were killed then the Welsh threatened to join the Scottish army if they didn’t get food but supply ships came and saved the English so they were forced to fight.

The English had twelve thousand men most of which weren’t English the Scotts only had six thousand the English also had armed horses so it was an easy defeat. Wallace and some others fled but most of the scots were lying on the ground dead.

Wallace resigned as guardian but still was in the fight for freedom.

After that Wallace was on the run. For seven years Wallace was dogging the Scotts and the English with only a small band of followers. He visited France and Rome looking for help.

But in 1305 he was caught the English believe that he was caught in bed but the Scotts believe he put up a big fight before he was captured and trailed in Westminster without a lawyer and defense. Wallace lost and was hung drawn and quartered for treason even though he did not commit the crime.

Wallace didn’t get independence for Scotland but he inspired someone who did.

In 1812 a monument was made for Wallace that sits proudly on the abbey Craig so he will never be forgotten.

Abigail F 11 1 18

SKM_Abigail F

William Wallace

William Wallace had been out fishing in the river near his home. He caught some fish to take home.  As he walked home again a group of men stopped him. Hey you we’ll have those fish they said they were the English soldiers.

It was market day in the town and many people came from farms to sell their produce. One of the soldier’s grabbed the boy he was making a symbol of the devil and the young man grab the boy off the soldier and ran to the women house. She be pretended that she could not open the door. The soldiers broke down the door but Wallace had escaped. The poor lady was hanged.

The Battle of Falkirk

England should win the battle after all they had armoured knights on horseback and Wallace had only foot-soldiers. The friars gave William Wallace a chance to surrender without fighting. Wallace sent them back with this defiant message

Go back and tell your master that we would come. Here not to ask for peace as a boon but to fight for our freedom.

The battle began.

The Scot’s tried to stop King Edwards’s soldiers.  The Scot’s lost the battle.

Eve 11 1 18





During April to June 2018 in art, P5H will concentrate on drawing and colouring/ painting images of plants. Below are a few  of our drawings from 23 4 18.