Learner Groups

Pupil Groups

At Bannockburn Primary School we recognise the valuable contribution our learners can make to our school community and beyond. We are a listening school. Learners’ opinions and suggestions are valued and many decisions are made by the children. All children within the school are members of a learner group which meets once each month. There are many groups that children can apply to become members of. Here is a flavour of the groups we have:

  • Eco Committee – take forward our Eco initiatives
  • Bannockburn Community Carers Group – Liaison with our local Care Homes
  • Fundraising Committee – organise events to raise funds for school funds and our chosen charity.
  • Recycling warriors
  • Budding Authors
  • ECO Fashion
  • Bucket Fillers
  • Lunchtime Liaison
  • School Grounds Team
  • School Pro-active Parliament
  • Bannockburn Journalists
  • School Photographers

Each year, learners will be given a choice of the groups which they wish to belong to.  Groups are run for P1-P3 and P4-P7.  These groups give our children leadership opportunities whilst impacting positively on the life of our school or wider community. They also allow children to develop friendships with children from outwith their class.