Core Priorities

We operate an agenda of continuous improvement which we ensure through regular and robust self-evaluation procedures which involve parents, children and all staff. These procedures support us in establishing a focused and outcomes driven Improvement Plan. We plan in detail for one year and have an intended course of travel over a three year period.

Strategic Priorities 2020/2021

Priority 1 To improve the wider learning experiences for all children by developing a

more rigorous approach to outdoor learning.

Priority 2 To further development of the digital literacy skills of staff and children.
Priority 3 To continue to embed nurturing principles across all classes to ensure

consistency of experience for all children.

Priority 4 To improve staff and children’s understanding of the purpose of and effective

practice in evaluative feedback and assessment strategies.

Our Autism Provision and Nursery Class have their own Strategic Priorities.

  • Please contact the school if you require more information about these.