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Parents Information

The school’s areas of focus this year will be: Assessment and Moderation, the development of a learning community approach to the assessment of reading, Parental Engagement and the development of writing skills

Our Parent Council are currently fundraising to help develop our outdoor spaces.

Each year in May we hold a school Fundraising event which helps to support initiative which the children suggest.

In September each year, The Parent Council issue yearly calendars for every family. These detail all the significant family events in the coming year.

Sometimes we have to re-organise our class structures due to numbers of children.  We follow Stirling Council Guidelines when doing this.

The Stirling Council document howlearningisorganisedinschools details how class restructure is undertaken.

The school staff team take a great deal of time and thought when restructuring classes in order to help support and develop our children.  The class structure for the new year is normally announced in June to allow for some transition events to take place before the end of the Summer term.