House System


In our school we have four houses; Bruce, Douglas, Murray and Wallace. We elect three captains for each house in September and January.  Every fortnight we hold house meetings which are led by the House Captains. At this meeting the highest point earners are celebrated and congratulated. We all have a house song which we sing at assembly if we are the trophy winners.

In the fourth term  of each year we hold our Sports Day. In the morning we hold a House Sports Challenge. Where possible we ask learners to wear of T-shirt showing their house colours. We all compete to win the House Sports Trophy.

Each term we also hold our special House Challenges. The depute head teachers set our challenges and can be absolutely anything!!

Each of our Houses has their own motto;

  • Bruce         Proud and True
  • Douglas     Loyal and Strong
  • Murray      Strong and Confident Learners
  • Wallace     Responsible, Reliable, Respectful Role Models

Our House System helps to develop leadership skills amongst our senior learners as they have responsibility for leading House Meetings and deciding on the House approach for challenges.  Each House is supported by a number of school staff.