Bannockburn Primary School is a values based learning community where we all set high standards for learning and achievement and as a learning community, we work hard to achieve our goals.

Bannockburn as a community, has a long and proud heritage and we are proud to be part of this.

Our current school building was built in 1965 and was extended in 1993. Prior to 1965 however there has been a Bannockburn Primary School in Bannockburn since at least 1832 which met in a local hall.  There was a purpose built primary school in New Market which was built in 1875.

Our school is very well equipped with:

  • 18 classrooms
  • Library
  • Nursery Class
  • A large gym hall
  • Dining hall and an
  • Onsite kitchen.

Each classroom has wifi and we make effective use of ipads and laptops to support learning.

We have extensive outdoor areas which are either grassed or tarmacked.

The school is owned and maintained by Stirling Council.


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