We work very hard to ensure the very best learning opportunities and experiences for your children but very occasionally, mistakes are made.

If you are unhappy with something which has happened at school, please allow us, in the first instance to address your concerns.

For concerns regarding Nursery to Primary 3 learners please contact Miss Duncan, Acting Depute Headteacher

For concerns regarding Primary 4 – Primary 7 learners please contact Mrs Canny, Depute Headteacher

Guidelines on our Concerns/ Complaints Process

Bannockburn Primary School follows the guidance from Stirling Council – Education Parental Complaints Scheme

  • Contact from a parent may be by phone call, email, dropping in to school or by letter. All contacts are recorded, dated and passed to a member of the Senior Leadership Team – usually by telephone message pad.
  • Senior Leadership Team (SLT) should establish if it is a complaint or a concern about a child. A concern is generally about the child. A complaint is about the service we deliver to the child. Concerns are recorded and dealt with by SLT in the normal manner. If the DHT establishes that it is a complaint then DHT should inform parent/carer that it will be passed to the Headteacher to investigate.
  • A complaint should be passed to the Headteacher to investigate. Complaints will be acknowledged in writing – letter to be generated by SEEMIS (admin)
  • Response to complaints should be made within 5 working days. If received in writing then there should be a written response. Outcome of the investigation can also be shared with parents in a face to face meeting.
  • If complaint has not been resolved and there is still some dissatisfaction then the headteacher will direct the parent to our Link Officer at Stirling Council.

N.B. Complaints about a child can only be received from those with parental responsibilities. If anyone asks to make a complaint on behalf of a parent then written permission must be sought from the parent.