Food Allergy Rules

On the 13th December 2014 new legislation called the EU Food Information for Consumers Regulations for allergens and food labelling came into force. This means there’s now a legal requirement for food allergen information to be available at the point of sale for all consumers of food.
The EU legislation has listed 14 allergens that need to be identified if they are used as ingredients in a dish. As a food business serving non packaged foods we will supply information for every item on our menu that contains any of the 14 allergens.

The 14 allergens are:

  • Celery – Gluten  – Crustaceans – Eggs – Fish – Lupin – Milk – Molluscs – Mustard  – Nuts – Peanuts – Sesame Seeds – Soya and Sulphur Dioxide.

Our approach to the awareness of allergens in our school meals.

We have displayed an awareness poster in prominent positions in all dining rooms stating “If you have special dietary requirements or allergies and need to know more about ingredients the catering service use please speak to a member of the catering team  by contactuing us on 01786 233252 or email us.

  • Separately an A4 poster listing the 14 allergens will be displayed in the dining room next to the awareness poster.
  • Catering staff have been issued with a quick reference guide to allowing them to ascertain if a menu item has a particular allergen.
  • School kitchens will have a binder of all recipes to identify if they contain an allergen.

Further information about allergens can be found on the Food Standards Agency website at

As with all previous menus we believe that any child who has special dietary requirements should be able to choose to have a school meal and be appropriately catered for. In order to provide such a service we work with our partners in health and have a special diet policy. This ensures a consistent and effective approach is taken to the provision of special diets. We require you as a parent / carer to inform the Head

Teacher of any special dietary requirements your child might have and complete the necessary annual declaration. They will in turn pass this information on to our catering service who will invite you in to the school to discuss all options available to you.

Please do not hesitate in contacting us on 01786 233252 or email us. if you have any queries regarding any of the information detailed.